Deliver pay information and other documents to your employees securely

So much more than just a payslip

Our online payslip solution is so much more than just a simple payslip; with our various modules you can meet compliance requirements, streamline communication and enhance employee engagement.

ePayslips for GPs

Customised ePayslips

Our ePayslip web portal, mobile app and online payslips can all be customised to match your practice’s branding.

We have found better take-up amongst employees when the branding is that of someone they already know and trust, which is why we carry your logo and colours throughout all of the touchpoints as part of our standard pricing.

ePayslip Modules


Our COMPLY module is designed to meet your compliance needs as an employer regarding pay information; allowing you to securely deliver important documents such as P45s, P60s and payslips online where they will be accessible by the employee 24/7.


The COMMUNICATE module supports streamlined communication between you and your employees. Information can be securely sent to employees at any-time, anywhere on a one-to-one, departmental or practice wide basis. This feature also includes the option for employee SMS messaging and the use of our Document Builder to create ad-hoc communications.


Our ENGAGE module is designed to help you to connect better with your employees, whatever that looks like to you. It allows micro surveys, reward and recognition initiatives and total reward statements. Recognising that engagement means different things to different people, we can extend the platform to whatever your practice needs.

The benefits of ePayslips

  • Accessible 24/7 via mobile or web app
  • Secure and user friendly payslip portal
  • Deliver online wage slips, P60s, P45s, auto enrolment letters and other documents directly to employees
  • Customised with your colours and logo
  • Easy on-boarding and leaver processes
  • Employee self-service
  • Multi-factor authentication and biometric log in option
  • Send messages, announcements or updates to employees
  • 2-way communication with employees

Could you be getting more from your payslips?

Providing your employees with a payslip may seem like a simple compliance requirement, a ‘tick the box’ function, but with our solution is can become so much more. Discover the power of a payslip portal that is accessible anytime, anywhere and harness employee communication and engagement.

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