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Consider how outsourcing your GP payroll could bring cost efficiencies and peace of mind to your practice

The pace of change across GP practices and Medical Centres is set to only increase and with Payroll and pension management is an area that is complex and mission-critical. Your staff need to be paid accurately and on-time, without an undue administrative burden on your team responsible for payroll.

This is where outsourcing comes in.

Practices are increasingly looking to external expertise to help them grow and be successful. Practice Managers from outside of traditional NHS backgrounds, bring commercial acumen, but do not necessarily have expertise in NHS specific payroll and pension idiosyncrasies. This can have negative implications for your staff’s payroll and pension.

With the amount of legislation and compliance increasing every year for payroll, the burden on your team is only going to increase. Perhaps now is the time to consider outsourcing, and relieving the burden of your payroll and pension management?

gp payroll services

Managed Payroll Service

Our team provide a tailored and knowledgeable service for GP practices

gp payroll services

About Dataplan

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Our next-generation ePayslips can be customised to your practice’s needs.


The world of pensions is complex, with NHS pensions have very specific nuances.

Not only do Dataplan have a dedicated pension team, we have within that team, specialists in public sector pensions, including NHS.

As part of our pension service we handle all reporting, contributions and employee information.

gp payroll services
gp payroll services

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